photos of different time and color


Painted stork

paited strok

This painted stork was eagerly searching for its pray in the muddy waters  with its legs which looked very interesting to watch and found a fish finally  and guess what It did ….

It washed the fish several times before swallowing it it and getting back to rest.these are wetland birds .

and the yellow beak and the pink ,white and black combination in the feather makes it more interesting to look at.

Thiruvanmayur Photo walk experience

I would like to share my experience about the photo walk around the Thiruvanmayur Marudeeswarar temple that I attended today .


It was   a cloudy evening … ..and a  huge temple… to say at the first sight.

when I  Just started to take few pictures out side the temple  … it started to rain .

so I had to get my self some space under the shed at the entrance . But the rain too provided me with few good opportunity to click some  nice  action pictures .

few old ladies who stood with  me asked me if I was  taking photos and I immediately requested them to permit me to take their portrait and they obliged in a very friendly manner  and one by one   eagerly posed for me  and were very happy to look at their pictures that I shot .

old lady

Then after the rain stopped ,me and my photographer friends  walked around for some time and I took some  picture of life around the temple…. mostly small vendors… children playing. and walkers on the road .childs play

I hope you like the banagle

I met this friendly Old lady who was selling bangles near a temple… when I approached her and requested her permission for taking her portrait .She was very happy to pose for me , I saw her bangle collections and was impressed with her collection .I told her I would like to buy few she was very eager to chose a nice colour for me and did not forgot to ask ” I hope You Liked the bangles I chose ” and she was very happy to hand the bangle over to me …indeed her happy bug caught me too…bangle pati